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Discover training types and options

There are many different types of training.  Knowing what you want to achieve is important.  Is it for a new job? To develop new skills? Or out of interest?   


The following can be helpful to know when choosing training

  • are you eligible? (some courses have entry requirements)

  • what type of learning suits you best?  Being on a campus? part-time? a course that is practical and hands-on?

  • what are the job entry requirements?  (will the training increase your chances of getting a job you want?)

  • how important to you is qualification recognition? 

  • have questions to ask the training provider, for example, what are the student outcomes?

  • the cost of training (some courses are free and some are not)

Type of training offered:

Private Training Establishments

Industry Training Organisations

Polytechnics and Institutes of Technology



Distance Learning
Other Training

Online Training

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