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I am seeking Training

Making an informed decision about training

There are lots of different types of training available.  Full-time, part-time, on the job, campus-based or distance learning.  Some training is free while other training costs.

This section will guide you through the things to think about and questions to ask


Who can help

Talk to people you feel comfortable with and who have an interest in your future.  Discuss with them your skills, interests, what is important and record ideas.

Family/whanau, friends

Ex-Teachers, Ex-School career adviser, Ex-Gateway Co-ordinator

Private career advisers 

Employers, Church or community group leaders 

People working in your jobs of interest

Industry Training Organisations 

Professional associations 

Voluntary work organisations 

Student advisers/liaison officers from training and study providers 


What are you trying to achieve?

Are you trying to get a qualification for a specific job?

Or want to develop certain skills to do the job

better or do related jobs?  


Knowing why you want to train is a great place to start

Identify what you're looking for

Why do you want  train? Write down all the reasons for training.

If you have a specific job in mind, recommend checking out Careers NZ job database and check out 'How to enter the job'


Also ask 

  • employers who employ people for that job

  • people who are doing the job 

  • industry professional interest groups

  • or industry training organisations 


So what are the training options?

Knowing the study and training options that are best for you is important

Online help:

Check out the benefits of voluntary work 

Know what you need to know about choosing a course 

Check out what courses are available


Making the decision

Choosing the right course, paying for training costs, scholarships and grants, getting ready to take those next steps

Online help:

Costs of tertiary study 

Check out the Fees free website and Scholarships, grants and awards  

givME scholarships – explore scholarships and grants for free at Citizens Advice Bureau, public library (at home if you have library card), some schools

Need support with budgeting 

Student allowance, loans 

Practical ideas:

Preparing for study toolkit


Preparing for life away from home 


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