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Other Training


Courses to help you into study or work:

Youth Guarantee courses​

Designed to provide 16–19-year-olds with an opportunity to study towards NCEA level 1-2 aligned with the Vocational Pathways, other equivalent level 1-2 qualifications and qualifications at level 3 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. 


Students take part in full-time study in programmes that are usually vocationally focused. The fund is aimed at those who have no or low prior qualification achievement.

Youth Guarantee course providers in Whangarei are:


Bridging and foundation courses:

Bridging and foundation courses can help you gain the skills and knowledge needed for further study.   These courses can be useful if you don’t meet the entry requirements to your chosen course or if you feel uncertain about tertiary study.   Some are face-to-face delivery, others through distance learning.

Some providers in Whangarei are:


Some distance learning providers of bridging and foundation courses:

You can also search the Careers website - search for bridging and foundation courses in Northland


Community education courses:

Community education or adult community education courses are designed to give you a taster of a subject, give you an opportunity to gain new skills, to up-skill, or re-skill, and to further knowledge, learn new skills and meet new people.

Some providers in Whangarei are:

There may be other providers who provider youth guarantee, foundational and community courses who offer courses in Whangarei,  please contact us to be included

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