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I am a teacher/case manager

Obtain information so you can support your person's future.

Teachers, case managers and mentors can make a big difference in people's lives. 

People need to be heard and supported as they make a decision or take action. 


The following steps support you as you work with your person as they make education to employment decisions. 


Is the person in front of you:

  • Unable or unsure of any future direction?

  • Uncertain of their interests, values and skills, and what options they may have?

  • Not sure where to start?

  • Need support with job hunting ?

Online tools to help:

Determine what help you need

What are you good at?

Practical ideas: 

Get started on a CV-

CV templates and tips

CV builder

Working with someone on their CVs, profiles or portfolios are a great way to know a person, understand their aspirations and build confidence


Checking out opportunities

    Is the person in front of you:

  • Looking for job ideas?

  • Looking for information on jobs?

  • Wanting to try out a job?

  • Choosing school subjects?

  • Wanting more information on training and study options?

  • Thinking about a gap year?


Refer to ‘I am at school’ checklist - opportunities

Refer to ‘I am seeking training’ checklist - opportunities

Refer to ‘I am in training’ checklist - opportunities



Taking action

The person in front of you:

  •  Is trying to make decisions? 

  •  Wants help to choose the right course?

  •  Is thinking of leaving school?

  • Is unsure how to pay study/training costs?

  • Is looking for a job?

 School Leavers Toolkit is another resource for schools and kura to deliver financial literacy, civics education and workplace competencies



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