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I am losing my job

Preparing for a job transition

Losing your job can be a stressful time.  Having support and information can help during this transition period.  


The following steps and sources of information will give resources and tools for your next step

Who can help


Next Steps

Understand your current situation

Self Help


Start Planning

  1. Produce a  budget - knowing your financial situation can lessen personal stress

  2. Maintain  lifestyle activities such as friendships, exercise, clubs and hobbies

  3. Keeping talking to family and friends

  4. Know what skills, interests, experience, qualifications you can offer and what values are important to you.   

  5. Contact relevant government agencies, banks or businesses concerning your circumstances

  6. Let your network of local and online contacts know your situation

  7. Start refreshing your CV, LinkedIn profile or online portfolio

  8. Generate ideas of the type of work that interest you (full time, part time, contract)

  9. Generate other income - rent out a room for example

  10. Write out a list of employers that you would like to work for



Looking at opportunities available

  1. Talk to your friends, family and work colleagues

  2. Talk with recruitment agencies

  3. Check online vacancies

  4. Check vacancies in the Northland Advocate, Whangarei Report and Leader

  5. Cold call on your preferred employers 

  6. Consider online work or self-employment, the following may be helpful entrepreneur, business.govt

  7. Consider joining professional networking groups

  8. Volunteer work

  9. Consider training  or retraining

  10. Build your network who know what you looking for.

  11. Refer to other online e book resources

Remember finding work takes time, during this period it is important to maintain relationships, interests and look after your wellbeing.

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