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I have children in Education

Making a massive difference to a young persons life.

Often without knowing, parents and those who care for young people influence a young person's decisions and actions. 


Parents and caregivers have an opportunity to assist greatly in a young person's thinking and decision making about education to employment.   


The following steps assist parents and caregivers make the most of those opportunities.


Knowing about education and training helps with conversations.

Understanding the New Zealand Education System is a great place to start.  This will assist in understanding how the National Certificate of Education Achievement (NCEA) fits in.  Both Careers NZ and NZQA provide in-depth information on NCEA.    Careers NZ also provides information on New Zealand Qualifications and understanding training options

If you want to know more about NCEA and the school curriculum, contact your school, or check their website. Some schools offer seminars or further information on NCEA.

If you come across language you don't understand Education Count's glossary may help.


Knowing how to talk, encourage and motivate will help a young person explore education, training and job ideas

Careers New Zealand provides helpful articles on how to talk to your young people, and on how to find work experience,  how to explore career expos and research career ideas online.   


Subscribe to Careers NZ and receive a  monthly newsletter on tips to help young people

The parenting place also provides information on talking to and motivating teenagers.

Practical information about education for parents and carers can be found at


All parents need to know about the costs of training and what financial support is available

The following websites provide key information

Careers NZ has a range of other toolkits and ebooks that are helpful for young people, and for their supporters.

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