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At School

Making the most of subject choice and preparing for the future

Schools develop subject knowledge, skills and attributes that help you with your work and life. 


The following people, steps and tasks will assist you making better decisions and preparing for leaving school


Talk to people with whom you feel comfortable and who have an interest in your future. 

Discuss with them your skills, interests, what is important and record ideas.




Start thinking about what you want. 

Consider your interests, skills and what is important to you. 

Getting ideas online?

Get career ideas

Explore the world of job families

Lets get going

  1. Pinterest your interests and preferences

  2. Mindmap your preferences

  3. Create a vision board

  4. Write or record your ideas and dreams

  5. Reflect and add to your ideas over time


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Now consider opportunities, know what options exist, test your ideas and find information. 


Job Information online

Online vacancy websites

Job descriptions

Job Videos

Jobs in demand

Occupational Outlook

Skill shortages


Choosing School Subjects

Choosing School Subjects


Finding and comparing courses

Find Courses

Work out university majors

Compare courses and scholarships


Industry Training 

Find industry training providers

Find a trade or service career


Test your ideas

Try voluntary work, contact the volunteeringnorthland

Take a gap year and explore your ideas

Do some part-time work in your area of interest

Information interviewing


Let's get going

  1. Add your ideas to your  Pinterest, Mindmap , vision board or make a record of ideas and dreams

  2. Reflect and add to your ideas over time

  3. You may want to create a pros and cons list for each idea

  4. Rate your ideas from 0 no interest in the idea to 10 love the idea

  5. Keep talking to people and remember you are allowed to change your mind.


Deciding and taking action is important.

Choosing a course

Both careersnz and nzqa website offer advice on choosing courses.   


Costs, feesfree and financial support


  • When considering training you may have to think about your budget, or consider student loans and allowance

Leaving school with no qualifications

If you are thinking about leaving school with no qualifications, this information will be helpful

Other resources from  Careers NZ that may help:

Study Toolkit

Preparing for life away from home

Where to from school E book

Leaving school checklist

Let's get going

  1. Write down your next steps

  2. Discuss your next steps with people that can help

  3. Review your actions on a weekly basis

  4. Celebrate success and talk to support people if you get stuck

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