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Government Ministries and Departments

Government is interested in people succeeding in education and employment.  Below is a summary of the main government's ministries and departments that deliver education and employment related products and services in Whangarei.

For fuller details on these and other government department and changes refer to:


Ministers and portfolios

Government latest news

Changes in education

Briefing for Incoming Ministers

Ministry of Business and Innovation

Shapes and delivers a strong New Zealand Economy.   More information about Business and Employment

Te Puni Kokiri

Works within government and communities to achieve thriving Whānau.  More information


Ministry of Primary Industries

Help export opportunities for primary industries, improve sector productivty, ensure food  produced is safe, increase sustainable resource use, and protect New Zealand from biological risk.   More information


Tertiary Education Commission (TEC)

Fund tertiary education sector and provide career services from education to employment.  The TEC support the tertiary and careers system to ensure people are equipped with knowledge and skills for life long success. More information

Ministry of Education

Lead advisor on the New Zealand education system, shaping the direction for sector agencies and providers.  Currently there are a  number of changes in education


Work and Income

Help financially if you are on a low income or not working, help to support you into work and help to find housing.   More information


Internal Affairs

The Department of Internal Affairs serves and connects people, communities and government to build a safe, prosperous and respected nation.  More Information


Local Government and other Agencies

Local government and other agencies have a vested interest in the development and economic growth of Whangarei.   They also have detailed information and commission reports on current economic condition, key industries, projects and direction of Whangarei.   This type of information can be helpful and indicate what industries may provide employment in the future.

Northland Regional Council

The Regional Council is interested in the economic performance of Northland.  The Regional Council see economic growth as vital to producing resources to address some pressing Northland issues such as housing, health and education.   They support Northland Inc, invest in economic projects, report on the Northland economy and collaborate with local and central government to support economic performance.  More info here

Whangarei District Council

Whangarei District Council provide a range of services to support the Whangarei community.  Many of the services are set by government legislation.  They manage and administer plans that make the city function.   For example, the district plan tells people what, how and where businesses can function.   Plans and strategy documents are here.

Northland Inc

Northland Inc is the Regional Economic Development Agency for Northland encompassing the Regional Tourism Organisation and central government's Regional Business Partner (RBP) Network.  Through partnerships, their goal is to strengthen, grow and diversify the Northland economy.  Their Regional Initiatives are detailed here

Chamber of Commerce

The chamber represents business interests in Northland.  Their mission is to inspire and influence business vitality.  Their key service information is here and they also have business resources here

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