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Positive Attitude

  • I have a “can do” attitude

  • I am optimistic and honest

  • I am friendly and show respect

  • I am motivated to work hard



  • I think about how I communicate and how it affects others

  • I ask questions when not sure

  • I listen well

  • I show respect when I communicate



  • I work well with others to complete tasks and meet goals

  • I contribute to new ideas

  • I work well with others of different genders, cultures or beliefs

  • I follow the directions of my managers



  • I arrive at work on time with the right clothing and equipment

  • I understand how my words and actions can affect others

  • I show commitment and responsibility

  • I am dependable, I follow instructions and complete tasks

  • I follow health and safety guidelines


Willingness to learn

  • I am willing to learn new tasks, skills and information

  • I am curious and enthusiastic about the job

  • I look for opportunities to improve or to help the business

  • I accept advice and I learn from feedback


Thinking skills (problem-solving and decision making)

  • I think of all the options before making a decision

  • I can see problems and try to solve them

  • I think before I do something

  • I think about consequences before I act

  • I know when I need to get help



  • I adapt to new or changing situation

  • I do not give up when there is a setback

  • I get help when I need it

  • I accept my mistakes and learn from them

Employability Skills

Employers have spoken and unspoken expectations of how an employee will work. Through New Zealand based research these expectations have been summarised as employability skills.  Employability skills are qualities and attitudes employers say are important for their workplace.   

Read through the employability skills and check the ones that you have and can provide evidence of.  Note  the ones that you have to work on.  No one has mastered them all and they are always a work-on depending on the  business, the type of work being done, and the environment they operate in. 

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