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I am retiring

Start thinking about life beyond paid work.

Retiring is having time for different priorities where full time paid work may be less a focus of your life.

Thinking about this next stage of life is an opportunity to learn new things,  build and renew relationships and have adventures.  The following steps will help you think about the future

Who can help?

  • Family and Friends

  • MSD Work and Income Support

  • Citizen Advice Bureau

  • Lawyer

  • Age Concern


Retiring is personal.  Are you ready to retire?  What do you want from your retirement?

Over sixty recommends

  1. understanding your current situation,

  2. envisioning the future,

  3. calculating your needs 

  4. reviewing your income sources.

  • SuperSeniors reminds us that life is journey not a destination


Start exploring what you want to learn, how you want to stay fit and healthy and enjoy others company.   What is still on the bucket list!?



Know the agencies that are there to support you.

Government advice about retiring from work

Applying for Superannuation

Advice on where to live

Finance Retirement Planner


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