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I want to be a contractor or self-employed

Preparing for self employment and/or contracting

Many people think about self-employment or contracting at some point in their working lives.  


It can be exciting but it can also be a big step for some.  The following steps will get you started on this journey


Know yourself and understand the demands of contracting and self employment

  1. A good start is to brainstorm what is motivating you to consider self-employment and contracting.  Looking at your work values can be helpful.

  2. Knowing what it takes to be  self-employed  and or work as a contractor is important.

  3. Identify any skill or knowledge gaps and consider training or retraining in those areas


Become familar with all the advice and information that is available.



Making Decisions and Taking Action

  1. Working out your business structure will be one of the first considerations

  2. Business.govt provide advice for a range of business situations.

  3. Writing a business plan or lean canvas starts committing your ideas to writing.

  4. Obtaining a business mentor is helpful

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