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Find out about jobs, industries and the local economy

The Whangarei District Quarterly economic monitor (Dec 2018) stated


"The Whangarei economy grew strongly over the 12 months to December 2018, expanding at a rate of 2.5%pa. This growth was faster than the Northland average of 2.2%pa, and only a touch behind the New Zealand average of 2.7%pa."

"The unemployment rate fell to its lowest since the start of 2009, sitting at 5.6% over the last year. Although Jobseeker numbers in Whangarei grew 2.6%pa over the last 12 months, this growth was slower than the national average of 4.8%pa."

There are many initiatives and projects happening in Whangarei.   Information is provided on:

Job Vacancies

Employer Expectations

World of Work

Skill Shortages

Future Trends


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