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On-line Distance Learning

Distance learning is learning and gaining a qualification remotely without having regular face-to-face contact with a teacher in the classroom


On-line or  E-learning is distance learning that is internet-based.  


It helps to be an independent and self-motivated learner. 

Many training providers offer distance-learning opportunities – it is always best to check out the individual provider websites. 


Listed below are 4 providers who have a long history of providing distance learning opportunities

There are many other on-line learning sites offering a range of learning opportunities.  Many of these courses are free.

·         Skill share 

·         EdX 

·         Udacity 

·         Udemy 

·         Lynda 

·         Future learn 

·         Alison 

·         Khan Academy 

·         Coursera 

·         Simplilearn 

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