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Whangarei is experiencing economic growth.  For people to make the most of economic growth education to employment transitions are important.  


Currently,  education and employment information is not shared in one web location.   This situation does not help people move from education to employment or organisation who want to help people. 


The Northland Education to Employment initiative (e2e initiative)  shares education and economic information of ‘who is doing what’.    We believe this will lead to greater community knowingness of e2e opportunities.


The e2e digital initiative is starting in Whangarei District as the first piloted local authority.  Once the Whangarei pilot is successful, we hope to share it our learnings with the Far North District and Kaipara and any other local authority areas that want to adopt the digital idea of ‘joined education to employment system’.

The e2e digital initiative is a not for profit activity, funded by the education to employment community for the ‘community’.   Sponsorship, advertising and premium features account are proposed for the project.  Any money obtained that is surplus to the initiative will be reinvested into the e2e community.  For example, the develop  e2e resources that help people


The development and funding of the initiative will be visible and accountable to the education to employment community that it serves.


If you would like to know more about this initiative contact us.




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