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I am in training

Looking at 'where to' after training

As you work through your studies and training, thinking about and planning for those next steps is a good idea.

There will be options - so making an action plan will keep you on track.

Thinking about the transition from study and training to employment

  • Talk to people who know you about the opportunities your training has given you.

  • Gather ideas about future work options and workplaces, and build your networks.

Who can help?

Family/whanau, friends

Student advisers/liaison officers from training and study providers (map link)

Industry Training Organisations (map link)

Professional associations (map link)

Private career advisers (map link)

Employers, Church or community group leaders (map link)

Ex-Teachers, Ex-School career adviser, Ex-Gateway Co-ordinator

Voluntary work organisations (map link)


What are the opportunities

  • Still researching the job market?

  • Gaining work experience whilst training can assist with next steps

  • Internships/cadetships - are they an option for you?

  • Thinking about setting up own business or becoming self-employed?

Online help?

Check out  job information and get some more ideas


Research the job market and jobs in demand 

Work experience opportunities -

Check out Student Job Search, seasonal jobs, and volunteering

Find out about opportunities through Internships & cadetships

Looking for business ideas or thinking about starting your own business

Making decisions and preparing for employment

Check out job vacancy websites to see what's happening in the job market. What are employers looking for?

Have you updated your CV? Does it reflect your current training, knowledge and skills?  

Have you brushed up on your interview skills?

Are you maintaining your networks to assist with employment opportunities?

Online help?

Check out list of job vacancy sites - including  Seek TradeMe jobs

There are many websites offering support, tips and help with CV writing

Templates and tips

How to write a CV

Cover letters


Preparing for the interview will put you in the position of knowing what to expect.

Interview guide

Getting ready for an interview

Practical ideas:

Job hunters Ebook

Building or maintaining your networks can provide job opportunities


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